Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cavern of Light

For so long he had searched; a unending quest to win the heart of the whom he loved. And now, at long last, he stood within the Cavern of Light.

All about him, the walls lined with crystal jewels; each one more precious and beautiful than the last. Each one reflecting the small fraction of light that seeped through the darkness of the tunnels and multiplying it tenfold, illuminating the cavern deep within the earth with dazzling brilliance.

Surely, any one of these gems would win the love of the one he desired.

Moving carefully across the cavern floor, he scanned the walls for just the right one. He came to a large teardrop shaped crystal that glimmered in his eye. A smile spread across his face and he moved closer to inspect the treasure.

Within the heart of the perfectly shaped crystal, he could see her; his beloved. Her long, flowing hair falling about her playfully as she danced and laughed in the ever changing angles of the gem; beckoning for him to join.

His smile broadened and his heart filled with joy as he reached out to the crystal image of his love, touching its smooth surface as if he were caressing the soft skin of her very cheek.

In his ears he heard her laughter, felt her arms around him as they danced together within the glittering light of the crystal's prisms.

Dancing eternally, deep within the Cavern of Light, its high domed walls filled with thousands of different shaped crystals; each one containing the smiling and laughing images of their prisoners.

All trapped forever, within their own desire.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


The Earth rotates peacefully, hanging in its orbit in the infinite of space. The sun's distant rays fall upon the slowly spinning globe, casting warm light on blue waters of the oceans and the green-brown continents.

Watching, a solitary figure floats quietly, a tiny speck against the backdrop of stars. The man watches with little curiosity as his limbs dangle about his body in serene calmness. He wears no protective suit, but seems unaffected by the lack of air and subzero temperature of space.

He only hovers calmly between the pale moon and the brightly coloured earth, his black cape gathering around behind him.

As he watches, the rotation of the world, barely noticeable at first, begins to slow down. His eyes squint ever so slightly as the earth slows more and more, until it at last comes to a soft halt.

Little objects start to float up from the still planet. Airplanes, automobiles, trains, oil rigs, and ships begin to enter the atmosphere as the junk and debris of humanity breaks away from the once heavy gravitational grip.

Billions of figures begin to join their creations out in the building junk piles around the stilled planet. Their faces frozen in silent screams of terror at realization of their fate.

All the while the lone figure watches with languid curiosity.

And when what little interest for the former occupants of the small blue planet fades, he slowly moves along, across the dying planet as its blues and green-browns turned to pale, becoming as lifeless as its tiny moon.

Perhaps he would find something of interest in the next galaxy, he thought as he moved through the frozen graveyard, but most likely not.