Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cavern of Ice

Once, there was a cavern of ice, where a princess made of snow and cold wished to feel the warmth of love’s embrace.
Alas, her father had locked her away in the loneliness of the cavern, to hide and protect her away from the harsh world outside.
Yet, she did not see it as a father’s protection, rather a prison to hold her away from the beauty and joy of the world outside; forever alone and unloved.
Once, there was a brave young prince who had heard tell of a beautiful princess of the snow and cold, locked away in a cavern of ice.
He journeyed across hash lands and had many trials before he came to the cavern where she dwelt.
Finding the cavern in the heart of the icy mountains, he broke through the solid gates that held her within and entered the prison she had made her home.
Such a rare and pure beauty was she, that one look upon her snow white face and his heart was filled with love for her alone.
So handsome and brave was he, that one look upon his strong face and the princess’ heart was filled with a glowing love that she had never known.
Warmth so intense that it began to melt her from the inside out, and before the prince could run to her to hold her in his arms, she melted completely away.
The princess’ father, the Icy King of the North, came to look in upon his daughter, only to find the sobbing prince, kneeling down in a puddle of shimmering water.
So enraged was he, that the king froze the prince where he knelt; forever locked in a prison of ice.
Now, the prince kneels there still; waiting for love’s warm embrace to set him free of the cavern of ice.