Sunday, November 17, 2013


The pixelated rain fell outside the digital castle window as the 8bit princess sat gazing out.

She let out a digitized sigh and thought of how exciting it would be to live in one of those other castles that were always seized by some big bad boss monster and she held captive until a handsomely rendered 8bit hero came to rescue her.

Instead of living here in her dull life with her father and mother, whom were only the rulers of a secondary level realm and so their grey toned castle was only ever passed by while some other hero went on their way to rescue some other princess that had be captured.

She turned one hundred and eighty degrees to face her minimally decorated room. Gliding to the blue-hued mirror she looked at her pixelled face and acquired a hair brush from the brown desk to her left.

She moved the brush in an up and down motion against her blonde hair as she gazed absently at her reflection.

She would most likely have to marry some boring duke or boring earl from one of the other boring kingdoms to whom her mother always introduces her to at one of her boring balls with boring digi orchestra music.

They would live boring lives where nothing ever happened except more boring balls.

And they would inherit her father's boring castle and continue to be part of the far off background as heroes pass by on their more exciting adventures in their more exciting lives.

She turned back to the window as the rain stopped falling, heaving another sampled sigh.

In the distance she could see a boxy shape moving steadily towards the castle in leaps and bounds.

For a moment she felt her heart flutter in its programming as a square-jawed hero stopped in front of their drawbridge to speak to a passing peasant.

Her hopes then sank as the peasant pointed to the warp portal to the right of the castle that led to the next realm; leading to a more exciting princess in other castle; leading away from her.

Oh well, she though with another deep sigh, perhaps she will go play that old paddle and ball game.