Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Lute Creature

Deep in the woods, there lives a creature of unimaginable power. Though it does not know it. It thinks of itself as just a plain, simple creature, living its life contently amongst the trees.

It is not a very large creature, rather small in fact. It does not mind, however, for its small stature keeps it hidden out of sight. And for the most part, that is what it wants to be, out of sight of the other creatures who live in the woods and the lands beyond.

On some nights, though, it comes out from its home in the trunk of an old tree, sits on its favourite stump, and begins to pluck away on its little homemade lute. As it plays, the notes of its melody dance out and up into the dark night sky.

They shine and sparkle in the dark pitch of the sky, lighting up the night with their shimmering glow. All the other creatures come out of their holes and burrows, sleepily draw by the one little creature's simple song.

Big and small, they all sit around the creature on its stump peacefully and watch as its song lights dance above them. The song lifts the woods into the sky, and it floats like an island amongst the shimmering lights, leaving the world below.

Soon there seems to be no distance at all between the tall tree tops and the darkness of space, but all the creatures of the wood are warm and happy as they sway back and forth to the melody the little creature continues to plink on the tight strings of its crude little lute.

Slowly, the creature begins to end its song and the woods begin to drop down from the sky gently. And as the sun's rays begin to peak over the rim of the horizon, the forest sets back in place and the song ends.

The other creatures of the woods lumber and scamper back to their homes to go back to their slumber, but the little creature only sits on its stump, smiling as it watches them go.

Just before the sphere of the sun comes over the horizon, chasing the night away, the creature heads to its home as well. To rest itself for the next evening's song.