Monday, December 19, 2011

Shut Your Light Hole

Down through the dirt hole, Peter peered. A light had shone out from the darkness of the roughly dug hole, like a beam rising into the starry night sky.

He had been walking hurriedly home from work, along the sidewalk that boarded the tree-filled park, when he had seen the light coming from the hole in the grassy ground and stopped.

Such an odd thing, the small hole could have been made by some animal, trying to get at what lay beneath, yet the shaft of light, though thin, seemed not to be a natural occurrence.

So Peter had stopped and was now kneeling down to investigate, his face lit byte the golden light of the hole. Something did seem to be underneath, a light source escaping through the small opening it had been given.

Peter leaned in closer and reached into dig out the opening a bit more, pushing the edges down into the hole itself.

He had barely touched the sides and the dirt began to crumble away and the hole enlarged rapidly so that Peter had to pull back quickly as to not fall off balance.

The light that broke through was brilliant as it beamed up and into the sky like a spot light.

To get closer, Peter got down on all fours, paying little regard to the knees of his slacks getting dirty. He squinted as he peered further down into the hole of light.

Thought it, what he saw made his brain swirl with incomprehension. For on the other side of the opening was a sun, shinning brightly in a blue sky.

Resting more of his weight upon the ground, Peter pushed himself closer still to the hole, almost pushing his face through the hole itself.

He caught a glimpse of a green land through the clouds that hovered around the giant sphere on the sun, as it sat in the sky that seemed to curve down and away from his view.

Suddenly, the ground broke away from him and he felt himself falling through the widening gap. Reflexively, Peter grabbed onto the other side of the hole's edge and held on with both hands as his body swung down to hang in the air at the top of the sky on the other side.

Frantically he looked down to see that he was indeed hanging thousands of meters above a green land pocked with pools of blue water and high, snow-topped mountains. All of which were lit by the glowing sphere of the sun that hung just to his left a few hundred meters below.

A world within the world, he thought as he tried to pull himself up, but the dirt crumbled and he lost his grip on the edge.

Tumbling through the sky, the wind whipped passed his ears as he fell passed the massive orange sun, his small figure a silhouette against its bright surface.

Faster and faster the ground rush towards him, and Peter fought fiercely to swim through the air so that he was positioned over one of the big lakes of crystal blue water. Maybe, he thought, at least I can try to splash down into the water, instead of the ground. Though he was not sure if he would survive either impact.

So, as he approached the water rapidly, he dropped his feet down underneath himself so that they would break through first and closed his eyes.

In the blackness he felt a jolt and he opened his eyes. The darkness remained but with the speckles of twinkling light that were the stars in the sky above. He sat up to find that he was back on the grass of the park and it was night once more.

He stood up and looked around for the hole but the ground was unbroken wherever he looked. A couple walked by along the sidewalk with their small dog on its leash, and as they passed the dog wandered over to him and sniffed the ground at his feet and began to paw at it.

Its owners tugged him away and apologized but Peter barely noticed, he only looked down where the dog had been pawing to see a tiny sliver of light coming through the grass blades.

He sidestepped quickly off the spot and tip-toed back to the sidewalk, where he continued home, not bothering to brush the dirt that covered his knees and hands.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Pool

Something was wrong; something was amiss.

Some dark thing felt to be lurking,

from beyond the abyss.

Looking into the inky pool's reflection,

the one looking back seemed odd.

And not one of my own, familiar complexion.

At first thought, perhaps the light fell in error.

Yet as I gazed further, my heart filled up with dread.

The mirrored visage became on of terror.

With its sneering black teeth and eyes devoid of light,

from out of the pool it for me,

as, stumbling back, I tried to take flight.

But its icy grip held my arm fast.

I felt myself being pulled back, into the pool.

Knowing surly, the next breath would be my last.

Now it is I who look out from the murky waters so cold.

Only a reflection upon the pool's calm surface.

And it is to you that my story be told.

My friends, if it is me you think that you see.

My horrid twin has taken my place.

Take my warning, run, save yourself; flee!