Monday, December 20, 2010

Awaiting Giants

Long ago, a lonely giant roamed the fresh lands of the world. His head high up in the dewy white clouds, while his bare feet plodded along the soft land below.

He was lonely for, even though there were the animals; the birds, the deers, the dragons, and the unicorns to keep him company, there was no other giants like him. No one to talk to or wrestle with, or even fall in with.

After searching the whole of the world and not finding another of his kind, the giant sat down upon a grassy hillside and decided to wait. He would wait until another giant came along and found him.

He waited and waited and waited. Years upon years passed by. The land grew up around the waiting giant and he became apart of the hillside.

Humans came and built their homes around the giant, eventually growing into a great city. All the while never knowing that they lived upon the ever waiting giant.

He had never bothered to move, for what he waited for had never come. Alone he sat, waiting for another giant.

And alone he still sits, forever lonely; forever awaiting giants.

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Children of Zurn

Do you hear? Singing their low chant, each in turn. They have come. Come to cleanse the world, bathing it in their Dark Light. The Children; Children of Zurn.

They come by the thousands and grow each day by a thousand more. At first it was out of fear, that people began to join. But now, to the world's dismay, it truly is their Father Zurn, that the hordes of believers faithfully adore.

And those that do not join them and their Dark Lord, shall be destroyed. The fanatical Children, pulverizing them into the Void.

What shall we do, how can we overcome; this Cult of Darkness that threatens the Light? We must find a way, before all the world becomes night.

They say there once was one that stood against Evil's might. When the world was threatened to be plunged into a sickening, Amber Light.

A warrior had come, traveling with a fierce panther, sleek and black. Together they fought their way across the accursed land. And together they beat the enveloping Amber Light back.

Come, o warrior of legends been told. Come, with your feline companion. Be brave; be bold.

Save us, before each and every village does burn, in the dark flames set, by the Children; Children of Zurn.