Monday, January 24, 2011


Standing in the shadow of the doorway, he hesitated before he moved out onto the balcony. His long cape hung from his shoulders, touching the stone floor, covering the rest of his body in blackness.

He had always felt safe wrapped in his luxurious cape; confident. No harm would come to him while en-wrapped within.

But now he felt a twinge of uncertainty. Not fear or any sense of danger, but a strange feeling that if he stepped out onto the balcony of the high tower which overlooked the great courtyard filled with his armies; all waiting for him to send them forth against his enemies, that he would become someone else.

It was an absurd thought, but it caused him to pause just out of sight, in the dark alcove of the arched doorway. What if he stepped through the archway and disappeared?

No, not disappear, but became someone else. The same, but slightly different. He ran his fingers thoughtfully against his softly bearded face.

He had conquered nations with his might; using his armies and magic to destroy all those that had stood in his way. However, had it all be real?

The thought came to him from somewhere else. It did not feel like his own, but he had had it and it was now filling his mind like darkness.

Of course it had been real. He had watched as cities crumbled; seen kings bow down before him in fear; heard them begging for mercy. Those memories were his and they had happened.

The remembered cries of his fallen enemies turned into the raising chant of his armies outside; calling for their leader to command them; calling for him.

He shook himself from the fanciful thought and straighten his head proudly. With a sneering smirk he flung his cape back from around his arms and stepped out into the light of the balcony.

Stepping out onto the ship's deck he stopped and looked around at his surroundings. He stood on the creaking wooden planks of the big ship, the noise of the water lapping up against its bow, as it lumbered along the deep blue waves of the sea; steady rocking as familiar to his feet as the salty air was in his nostrils.

The crew hustled about their duties nodding to him as he looked from man to man; ensuring that they were the familiar faces of his crew.

He did not no why they should not be. But for a brief moment he had had a thought that when he had stepped through the cabin door, it would not have been his ship he would have walked onto.

A silly thought, he snorted as he began to pace the deck, his wooden leg clomping along with its familiar rhythm. But still, he had a feeling of uncertainty.

What if when he went back through his cabin door, and he wasn't who is was anymore?

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