Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Zurn Industries

Looking out from his tall tower of glass and steel, he surveyed the cityscape; his cityscape. A smirking smile pulled his face even more taut than it already was as he watch all the people going about their lives; each one unsuspecting, each one in his grasp; under his control.

He clasped his hands behind his back as he stood at the floor to ceiling glass of his massive office at the topmost corner of the highest building in the city he had watched grow over the years, under his guiding hand.

His gray, tailored suit fit snug against his broad, muscled shoulders and chest. His shaved head and piercing blue eyes added to his commanding stature. Those that had had the rare occasion to meet him face to face, were awed by not only his intimidating form, but by how he looked only to be a man in his late thirties. Yet he was much older than that. Older than anyone would possibly dream.

Everyone, but one that is. The man who now stood on the other side of his big desk, staring at him; not awestruck, not afraid, not even intimidated, but with hatred.

He could feel it, and he relished in it.

“For millennia,” the larger man said in a deep, room shaking voice, not taking his eyes off the scene outside the window. “I had sought to conquer this world. Time and time again I have tried. And never have I quite closed my grip. And always you have arisen to stand against me.”

He turned to face the younger man standing a full head shorter than him, leaner and a little less solid, but only compared to the larger man in the gray suit. His brown suit set off his blazing green eyes even more than they already were aflame with seething hated.

The big man scoffed as he smirked again.

“But this time I have won, my old friend.” he said confidently. “This time you cannot stop me.”

The younger man sneered and hunched his shoulders like a stalking cat. “This time I do not mean to just stop your plans.” he almost snarled with disdain. “This time I have come to destroy you.”

Laughter boomed from the big, bald man as he lean his head back slightly with amusement.

“But you see, that is the beauty of what I have created,” he said as he shook his head with a knowing smile. “I have built this society up to sustain itself only upon that which I give to them. The lives they lead, the goods they buy and consume, the games they play, the idols they drool over, the entertainment they mindlessly give worth to; the business, the money, the religions they worship; I gave them. They are are all me. I have corrupted them and manipulated them so that even those that they think they have put in power, to rule for them, and over them, only do so because I have allowed it.”

He gave a self-satisfied smile to the seething young man in front of him; the same young man he had been facing over and over again through the eons. And this time he was finally going to win.

“I will put an end to your evil once and for all, Zurn.” The man in the brown suit spat. “And the world will finally be free of you. Even if it means my end as well.”

Zurn straighten himself even taller at the sound of his name.

“Foolish.” Zrun shook his head sadly at his ageless opponent. “Do you not see? Even if you kill me, my empire is already built. And it will go on after I am gone, the Children will see to that. My empire is the world! ”

His voice boomed at the end of his speech and he quieted himself again. “So you see, Aiel, either way. I have already won.”

Zurn began to laugh once again and the sound caused Aiel to snap. With a shout he dashed forward and leapt from the desk toward the massive figure of Zurn.

Zurn cut his merriment short and rushed to meet his eternal opponent as he leapt toward him with fists clenched.

The two shouted like mad men as they came together. Aiel's angle carried him careening into Zurn with enough force to send the big man reeling back, and with the smaller man upon his chest, they smashed through the glass of the window and fell out into the sunlit sky.

As glass hit the sidewalk at the base of the skyscraper in shards a few people looked up in time to see the two struggling figures falling toward them and they leapt out of the way. With a sickening splat, the two bodies hit the ground and were nearly obliterated by the force.

Everyone on the street stopped as the busy traffic skidded to a halt, all trying to see what had happened.

Some ran screaming at what they saw, others got sick as they turned away from the horrid scene. But most simply crowded around and took out their Zurn devices and took pictures and videos; within minutes the entire incident could be seen world wide on the Zurn Network.

Everyone watched; everyone talked; until the next day. Then everyone found something else more interesting to watch, to talk about. While Zurn Industries grew silently, the Children of Zurn working in shadow.

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