Wednesday, September 21, 2011


In the dank light between the two buildings a glowing ball began to flicker into existence.

It hovered a few meters above the slick, garbage littered pavement and grew its radius with pulsating beats. Within the bright white light of the glowing orb, an image of a featureless figure rippled into view for a moment and faded away.

The figure wavered in and out a few more times as a crackling noise began to emanate all around the orb.

In a blinding flash, a bolt of lightning came crashing down from the clear night sky and hit the glowing orb as if drawn to it.

After a deafening crack, the flashing electrical bolt and glowing orb were gone, and an opaque figure stood from kneeling position. Their skin gave off off a faint amber glow itself, as if lit from within.

Neither male, nor female; human in appearance, but altogether other worldly. With each step it took, the concrete seared with radiant heat.

They had arrived, and had come to complete the mission that had been given; the mission passed down from their masters, through the ranks, to them to complete; them alone.

As the glowing being left the alleyway in a slow, determined stride, Heather watched in awe from where she had hidden, behind a dumpster, when she first saw the flickering light on her way home.

She crouched awkwardly in her skirt and heels, out of sight as the towering figure passed. As it did, she could swear she heard it saying aloud to itself in a monotone voice, “Destroy all Rune Buns!”

But that made no sense. They cannot have meant that, could they?

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