Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Pool

Something was wrong; something was amiss.

Some dark thing felt to be lurking,

from beyond the abyss.

Looking into the inky pool's reflection,

the one looking back seemed odd.

And not one of my own, familiar complexion.

At first thought, perhaps the light fell in error.

Yet as I gazed further, my heart filled up with dread.

The mirrored visage became on of terror.

With its sneering black teeth and eyes devoid of light,

from out of the pool it for me,

as, stumbling back, I tried to take flight.

But its icy grip held my arm fast.

I felt myself being pulled back, into the pool.

Knowing surly, the next breath would be my last.

Now it is I who look out from the murky waters so cold.

Only a reflection upon the pool's calm surface.

And it is to you that my story be told.

My friends, if it is me you think that you see.

My horrid twin has taken my place.

Take my warning, run, save yourself; flee!

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