Thursday, January 26, 2012

Icy Shores

Cold winds blow across the frigid waters as the white caps of the waves crest and fall back down into the next.
On the desolate shore, a fur-clad figure stands facing the vast open waters before them. Frost collects on the brim of their hood as their breath steams out from underneath the hood’s cover into the freezing, wet air.
Their goal of the far shore cannot be seen across the wide body of mercilessly cold, but cross they must; to find what they seek; to find what they have lost.
Taking off their sturdy leather gloves, they raise their bare hands out, palms facing the water. White light begins to glow from within each hand and become as bright as the white sun shining in the pale blue sky. Struggling to keep them steady, they hold their arms out as the waters far off the shore begin to churn violently.
Waves crash into each other and swirl into eddies as a dark shadow appears under the surface, and quickly grows larger.
Erupting from below a massive head of a man lifts out of the churning waters. A giant of solid ice heaves its great shoulders up and out into the air as the rest of its body lumbers up and moves toward the small figure on shore. It seems to walk on the seabed far below as it nears the shore.
The ground shakes as the giant ice man stomps its massive foot down a short distance from the figure standing on the barren shoreline; a small child in comparison to the goliath before them.
As it reaches the waters’ edge, the ice giant kneels down and slowly extends a massive hand, palm face up, down to its master.
Keeping their brightly glowing hands held out, they climb easily onto the icy palm, which is then raise high up into the air as the giant stands and turns back to the vast sea. Holding its passenger out in its hand at chest level, it begins to stride out across the water, stepping upon the surface with freezing footfalls.
As they move out across the water, the chilling wind pushes back the tiny figure’s furry hood and the long, dark hair and soft cheek of a severe, yet beautiful woman are exposed. Her dark eyes concentrate on the unseen shore of the other side, but a tiny smile touches her red lips. Soon she will reach her goal; soon she will find what she has lost.

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