Monday, February 11, 2013

Running to the Sea

The wolves descended upon us like darkness and we ran into the night.
We ran away from the bright lights of the city and into shadows of the forest.
I could hear their barks and howls close behind, and though I did not look back, I knew I would see their red, glowing eyes amongst the trees; their breath streaming out of their gapping jaws as their sped toward us.
You held my hand tight enough for it to hurt, but I wanted you to hold on tighter still, so to never let go until we were free and safe. My lungs began to burn with fire, but we kept on; to stop would be to let the darkness of the wolves take us.
Yet in the end I knew we could never keep up the pace together. So I let go your grip to fall behind; to not slow your escape.
You looked so brave, a fierce flame shining bright in your eyes as you looked back for me.
I smiled as the wolves over took me and closed my eyes to the darkness.
I could feel them all around; the heat of their breath on my skin; their furry bodies brushing up against my own. I was no longer running from them, but with them. The darkness I had thought would come gave way to the bright light of my new eyes as I opened them.
I looked to my side and saw my brother and sister wolves with me as we ran on; looked forward and I saw you running from us; afraid of the darkness that I had once been.
I howled to you to come to us but you ran faster still; so brave and so frightened, running blindly into the wood.
Breaking from the pack I raced to you, and as you turned and lost your footing, I overtook you.
Together we ran out of the forest and came to the cliffs that over look the sea; the sun’s first light breaking over the horizon, its orange glow warming the cold air of the night.
We stop and all together sit and watch peacefully as the sun raises high in the morning sky above the crashing waters below.
Now we are safe; now we run free. Now we are the wolves.

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