Monday, March 30, 2015

Night and Day

Gathering up the last remnants of light, Day moved down under the horizon so that Night was only able to barely catch a glimpse of the golden glow of Day's coy smile before it vanished out of sight.

Each evening, Night would rush up to once again try and meet Day's burning dusk light, and every dawn it would struggle to linger as long as it could to witness Day's glorious morning radiance.

Yet, each time, no matter how vehemently it tried, Night would narrowly miss Day as its cloak of darkness would cover the land in a shadowy chill.

During its long hours, Night would listen to poets write sonnets describing Day's unsurpassed beauty, and hear the balladeers sing songs lamenting Night's dark loneliness and solitude.

It was maddening; to be detested and shunned so, as some other wondrous event was praised; never being able to even experience that which is its antithesis.

So Night became bitter and wild with jealousy, and vowed to snuff out the light of Day; forever plunging the world into the murk.

In the cold of the winter months, when Night is at its most powerful, it blew icy winds so hard that the biting snow squalls threatened to blot out the sunlight once and for all, but still, Day would come, and bring its warm light to chase away Night's dark reign.

With each new morn, Night would be beaten back with Day's soft kiss of light, ever illuminating the shadows that crept into the hearts of all those that lived in fear of Night's furious grip.

Dejected and defeated, Night slinked back down under the horizon to fume until it was time for Day to pass once more, and while it sulked, Night took in the vastness of space. There, Night was surprised to notice what it never had before; the brightly shining light of the billions of stars that pierced the darkness with their glow.

And all around them, the black of Night cradled them in its all encompassing arms; the blanket of the universe was a multitude of Day and Night, together, making up all of infinity.

Finally, Night had witnessed the beauty of Day light and Day smiled its coy smile a billion times over, twinkling brightly in Night's loving embrace. 

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