Monday, April 27, 2015

From Deep Down

From deep down, below the water's murky surface, she arose; and he watched from the shadows underneath the ancient trees of the forest.

Tales of the loveliness of the Woman of the Lake were legendary, yet all the sonnets told and odes sung did her breathtaking beauty no justice; it was unsurpassed.

So much so, that he found himself holding his breath as her form ascended further out of the water, her dark hair clinging to her breasts, covering her otherwise bare skin.

Slowly she waded over to the shallow shore of the small forest lake, exposing more of her porcelain skin as the water slid down the curves of her body, and headed directly toward where he skulked in the shadows.

Quickly he diverted his gaze as she came fully out from the dark waters, so he did not see her fully or the knowing smile that she wore on her full, red lips.

Standing unabashed, the beauty from the deep looked piercingly at the hiding young man and called out to him, telling him it was alright; to come out from the shade.

Sheepishly, the young man stepped forward, still averting his stare from her nude form. Stepping to him, the woman brought her face close enough to his that he could feel her sweet breath on his skin and asked the shy boy why he did not look her in the eye.

Looking up hesitantly, the young man gazed into her dark eyes, deep within them he saw the same murkiness as the lake from whence she came; and he felt himself falling into the cold chill of the waters.

He tried to stop himself from going under, but it was too late.

The splashing and thrashing from his struggles slowly became still as he disappeared under the water and the lake's surface clamed once again.

Quiet chirps from nearby birds nesting in the surround trees were the only sounds as the solitary pool sat serenely untouched.

Awaiting another curious youth to come and admire its mysterious splendour.

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