Monday, September 7, 2015

Nemesis pt.2

It had been almost a month since the wizard cat had realized his evil nemesis was living in the apartment building across the way; living with the new lady-friend of his human roommate, Ralph.

And the tension was reaching a boiling point.

His evenings were no longer spent watching television on the couch with Ralph, who was too caught up with his new lady love to spend much more time on him than it took to fill his food bowl before rushing out to meet the woman from across the street.

Instead, the cat sat in their living room window and stared at his nemesis, the green-eyed, black cat that looked intently back at him from the woman's darkened bedroom window; sparks nearly shooting out of each of the cats' eyes as the gazed at each other until the darkness of night shrouded them in the shadows of their empty apartments.

His days were full of restless naps that were constantly interrupted as he compulsively peeked over the window sill to try and catch a glimpse of the other cat doing the same, but the black cat never seemed showed himself in the daylight hours.

At night, deep within the walls of the apartment, the wizard cat searched fervently to find a spell powerful enough to protect himself, Ralph, and hopefully the rest of the city from the dark magic that was radiating from the cat across the street.

Yet, each hour slipped away without yielding much more than a different variation of this warding spell or another.

So much of the benevolent and good magical energy had faded from the world, and now there was very little left, and very few who could still conjure it.

Dark energy was more abundant with each passing day, and the wizard cat could feel it amassing in the unassuming apartment of Ralph's lady fair.

The days and nights blurred into one another as the weeks went on and still no spell powerful enough could be found, he was at his wits end and feeling drained from the constant barrage of malice directed at him from the unwavering stare of the black cat each evening.

Then came a night when Ralph and the woman had gone out on the town and left both cats alone in their respective apartments. As the wizard cat sat waiting for his nemesis to show himself, there came a rumble of thunder in the distance and the skies blackened prematurely with dark storm clouds filled with flashes of crackling lightning.

A crash of lightning hit behind the building close by and all the power went out in the neighbourhood, plunging the buildings into darkness.

Still intently staring at the window across the street, the wizard cat saw the figure of the sleek, black cat hop down from its usual spot on the bed and, as another flash of lightning brightened the sky for a moment, the cat bounded out of the room.

The wizard cat transferred his focus to the next window which was the kitchen as a flash of green light hit the apartment door, causing it to open slightly; enough for a cat to slip out of.

Quickly, he leaped from the window sill himself and ran for the door to their apartment. Hitting the door with disengagement charm, it opened enough for him to wiggle his way out of and into the red emergency light-lit hallway and continued to trot hurriedly toward the fire exit.

Using a transparency spell, the wizard cat passed through the thick, metal door and raced up the stairwell to the very top, which did not lead to a residential floor, but the maintenance hatch to the roof above.

Levitating himself up and through the locked hatch, he found himself on the gravel-covered roof, under the dark skies filled with menacing storm clouds that threatened to burst forth with rain at any moment.

Bounding to the roof's edge, he put his front paws up on the ledge and scanned the rooftop of the building across the street. Another flashing of lightning revealed his green-eyed nemesis to be standing, staring wildly back at him.

There would be no more time for searching for an appropriate spell, the time had come at last; the wizard cats would battle for the fate of the city tonight!

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