Monday, October 19, 2015

My Love

Why do you shake, my love?
Though, the fire is roaring with its heat so bright,
There is indeed a chill in the air that cuts me to the very bone.

Why do you shiver and quake, my love?
For it was I that was lost in the dark and cold of the woods tonight,
Though I cannot remember how I came to be there, dirty and alone.

Why have you gone so pale, my love?
It was I who had visions so terrible and full of fright;
Visions of being buried alive in the earth so deep,
For past sins I had to atone.

Why do you not come to me, my love?
I have returned home to you, but you do not delight.
After I awoke in that muddied field,
At the foot of that foreboding tombstone.

What is that you whisper, my love?
I cannot not hear what you have said.
Mutterings to yourself,
That I cannot be here...

That I am dead.

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