Sunday, May 15, 2016

Butterfly Sanctuary

Sitting quietly amongst the flowers that filled the air with their peasant aromas, she allowed herself a moment to relax; a small repose from the usual turmoil that had filled her life as of late.

Taking in all of the exotic plant life hidden away in the forest garden she had stumbled upon, she felt a smile spread across her face that lightened her pretty features, which had been darkened with grief and worry as of late.

She watched as fat bumble bees lumbered from fragrant flower to fragrant flower, filling the sunny garden with a happy buzz.

A fluttering movement above made her look up to see a multi-coloured butterfly come floating down from the clearing that opened up into the clear blue sky.

The beautifully delicate creature flitted down to where she sat upon the smoothed stump bench, situated in the middle of the soft, green grass of the garden lawn. It descended until it finally came to touch gently down on her shoulder. She marvelled at the intricate patterns covering its wings.

Before she could study the butterfly that had just landed with more scrutiny, another fluttered down from above and she watched it pass in front of her face to come to a rest upon the sleeve of her blouse.

Almost immediately, another appeared above her head and as she looked up again, she saw the air filled with a kaleidoscope of colours from the multitude of butterflies that now swirled quietly around her.

Her smile widened and she let out a delighted giggle as she held out her arms for more of the lovely creatures to perch upon. Curiously, the landed insects did not stop flapping their tiny wings but continued beating them rhythmically.

More and more of the butterflies began to land all over her paisley blouse, their delicate-looking legs clipping onto her clothing securely. Unsettlingly secure, in fact.

Finally examining the first one that had landed on her shoulder more closely, her blood ran cold as she saw that the set of tiny mandibles were actually made of a black metallic material; the body of the thing, she now also saw was just a metal cylinder made to mimic that of a butterfly's.

The tiny mechanical abomination's wings were not at all frail or organic, rather, made of a translucent, parchment-thin alloy themselves; light-weight, but clearly strong.

She began to struggle in panic against their miniature vice grip, but the multitude of robot creatures upon her was too powerful en mass to fight against, and she felt herself being lifted off her stump seat.

Slowly, their strong little wings lifted her into the air even against her struggles to break free.

Soon, she was ascending above the tree line of the surrounding forest, into the blue sky, leaving the green sanctuary of the hidden garden below.

Now, she hoped the nightmarish little creatures' hold on her did not loosen as she watched the ground fall further away.

The fear and panic that had stolen across her heart at the realization the electro-machines were not as they seemed now drained away and was replaced by the seething hatred and rage that came with the knowledge of who had sent them, and where they were now taking her.

There was no need to look up to know what she would find in the distance upon the horizon; he had sent these horrid things for her, and now they brought her to their evil master.

Far off on the horizon, upon one of the many balconies of his mountain fortress, he stood scrubbing his hands together maliciously.

Soon, he thought with a mad grin upon his crooked face, soon his tiny winged minions would be bringing her to him, and she would finally be his!

The evil Dr. Otto Van Noort let out a cracked laugh that echoed across the skies as the tiny speck of a figure against the vast blue of the horizon floated closer; his lovely bride being brought unwillingly toward his foreboding mountain lair.

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