Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bird of Prey

Standing high atop a mountain, looking out upon the land, a hooded figure waits.

The dawn has broke and the sun's rays slowly cascade over the sleepy land. Lush trees, winding rivers, and little villages populate the countryside below the looming mountain, where the hooded figure watches intently.

His dark eyes scan the land and sky from under the dark shadow of his hood, then narrow into slits as he spies a speck of movement against the brighting sky. The dot of black moves ever closer, becoming larger and more defined in shape.

The hooded figure smirks as he watches the distant object become the soring shape of a majestic bird. Its massive wings beating periodically; slowly, just enough to find another up draft to carry itself upon.

As the dark brown bird approaches the mountain top, the hooded figure raises his arms aloft and in a booming voice, calls out to the bird.

“Come, oh bird of prey!” His voice commands thunderously. “Come to me and aid me in my quest!”

In answer, the bird screeches out and swoops down from on high to where the man stands on the mountain.

“Come, my friend.” the hooded man greets the bird gently as it flutters to a landing on his outstretched forearm. “Once again you come to my aid in a time of need.”

He strokes the bird's proud head of soft feathers, and the two look into each others' deep brown eyes; eyes that are the same. In silence they commune with each other, high up on the mountain top. Until at last the bird and man nod their mutual understanding, and the bird lifts off with a beating of its great wings.

As it takes flight it calls back in a screech and the man pulls back his hood, revealing his fresh, young face and fair, brown locks.

“Go my brother.” he says quietly in the morning air. “Go forth and bring back to me what I have lost.”

He holds his arms up towards the rising sun.

“Bring me my sandwich!”

His voice echoes out, while down below, on a ledge not far from the bottom of the tremendous mountain, a fallen sandwich lays in wait.


  1. Ha Ha Ha, I was not expecting that. What kind of sandwich was it?

  2. that was fantastic ! great ending =)

  3. lmao!! wow, Rob, you and your peanut butter sandwiches!! :)