Tuesday, June 1, 2010


As she walked dreamily down the forest path, the sunlight flitted through the green leaves of the canopied trees; the sun coming down in the early evening sky.

Her bare feet padded along the soft, beaten dirt path as she rounded the bend and came into a secret glen where the pollen from the spring flowers danced in the air and the sun broke through the thicket of trees to shine brightly upon her young face.

The scene was so full with beauty that she stopped to lean by the trunk of an ancient tree to admire, as she had done so many years ago; lifetimes ago.

Her pretty, young face smiled as her tired eyes watched the little puffs of pollen play within the sun's golden light.

“You have returned.” a deep, rumbling voice spoke behind her, surrounding her.

She tilted her head coyly and smirked, “As you said I would.”

A dark shadow loomed up behind her as she stood facing the sun. The smell of hot, fiery brimstone radiated with heat around her. But she continued to look forward at the slowly setting sun.

“Yes.” she sighed tiredly. “I have grown tired and old inside this young body, as you knew I would. But oh what wonderful things I have seen.”

She shut her eyes, fatigued with the years, and breathed out as her body sagged slightly.

The sound of massive, leathery wings unfurling behind her made her rest her cheek softly upon her slender shoulder; a long forgotten sound she had once shuttered from, now felt like welcome sigh from a long lost lover.

“But you have come back to me.” the booming voice grew as did the presence behind it, raising behind the beautiful young girl, dwarfing her with its size. “Come back to fulfill your promise, all those years ago. So long have I waited.”

She felt the massive wings move around her, quivering with anticipation.

“Yes.” she whispered as the sun's light faded and the glow of dusk crept into the green glen. “I have returned as I had promised. To be with you again. Forever.”

The warmth of the wings wrapped around her as they closed in; enveloping her; embracing her in darkness.

High up in the night sky, in the pale light of the full moon as it hovers silently, two shadows fly side by side, flapping their ancient wings in unison. The red glow of their hearts, beating fiercely through their scaly armor.

Once again together. Once again alive with fire.

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