Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rain City

Sometimes she missed the sun. The blue skies; a dry breeze blowing through her hair. But all those were distant memories from her youth. Memories her mind would drift to as she stood waiting for the train on the high-rising platform.

The drops of rain splattering down on the roof top of the platform shelter above her head; rhythmically plinking their ever-present tune.

She looked out across the city, the gray clouds hanging in the sky; constantly heavy with moisture, which rained down up on the vast cityscape.

The many drain ways and devices that lined the rooftops throughout the city, catching the unending flow and using its natural potential energy to fuel the entire city's power needs.

A marvel of ingenuity and resourcefulness. Every brightly lit building; every vehicle; every piece of modern technology, powered by harnessing the rains that had blanketed the world so long ago.

The entire planet had put aside their warring and bickering when the clouds converged, blocking out the clear skies of the day forever, and the had developed a new, world. Using their natural plight to their advantage.

It was a golden age is some ways.

But at night, when the clouds inexplicably cleared, and the stars in the black sky above, twinkled and reflected on the watery surface, far below the high-raising buildings; built atop those of the ruined and flooded cities of the past, she would stand out and try to picture the blue skies of her youth.

And now, standing on the platform as her hover train approaches, she looks up at the cloud-covered sky and imagines the sunny skies that lay just beyond the gray rain clouds. And despite all the advancements humans have made since the rains, she still misses the sun, sometimes.

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