Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Up from the babbling brook sprang a golden vision. Long, flowing hair that shimmered with the light reflected off the pure flowing waters.

Her long slender arms were full with golden bracelets that chinked musically together as she moved her arms sinuously about her head.

The white gauzy cloth of her dress clung to her body as the water soaked through to her soft skin. Golden belts wrapped around her curving hips, and her bare feet splashed about in the cool waters.

She was a water nymph, a Naiad, who had come to bask in the fresh waters of her playful brook which ran through the sunny forest.

And she was the most beautiful creature Henry had ever laid eyes upon.

She had not taken any notice of burly man until the loud splashing of a steady stream over took the sound of the brook.

She looked with curiosity about her for the source of the noise and when she did, her lovely face was distorted with a look of disgust.

Henry stood beside the stream with his woolen pants pulled down, relieving himself into the stream.

The sound faded as he finished and smiled awkwardly at the beauty.

“Sorry for peeing in your river.” he said sheepishly after a long silence. He then slowly pulled up his pants and gingerly did them back up, tucking his plaid shirt as he did.

The Naiad looked down at the yellowing stain in the water that was coming steadily toward her and she turned screaming; running lightly across the rocks that littered the brook.

Henry could only watch in embarrassed silence as she disappeared into the sunny forest.

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