Tuesday, March 22, 2011


John walked from his work along the crowded sidewalk; lost in his thoughts of his current project he looked up at the tall skyscrapers that lined the city street.

Out of one of the high windows on the left, a person leapt and floated gracefully down to a casual landing amongst the other pedestrians; no one noticed.

Another finished their conversation with fellow co-workers as they exited their office buildings and leapt into the air, flying off with a friendly wave.

Someone rushed along the street in a blur, moving in and out of the vehicles as if they stood still. Another still, flashed in and out of sight, seemingly into thin air, then back again a block or so further along.

It had all become common place, no one seemed mind, or even to care.

John could not stand it.

When people talked of how they could lift hundreds of times their own weight, see through solid objects, take on the form of anything they thought of, or even that they had the power to climb walls like some creeping insect, he would nod and smile politely, pretending he was interested.

They would asked him what he could do, and he only said he did not like to talk about it, they would not push the issue; some powers were very private in nature, but really they were to absorbed in their own selves to care much.

However, the fact was, John did not have any powers. He might have been the only person on the planet now that did not have at least one super power; he had to do more research into it.

When all of the world woke up one day and suddenly found that they had miraculously gained superhuman abilities, John had just woke up tired from a late night in his lab.

There were of course those that had tried to use their new found gifts for the usual greedy, evil purposes. However, when they found that there were just as many that had chosen to use their powers to stop evil, well the whole battle between good and evil became an epic spectator's sport. Complete with leagues, as a matter of fact.

But John stayed out of that nonsense. He kept on with his work and patiently waited.

Worked and waited. Until he came up with the solution to his problem.

For you see, giving the entire world super powers by accident was easy. Reversing what he had done was proving to be a more difficult project.

But John was a hard worker, and did have the ability to be very, very patient.

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