Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wolf Pearl

Deep within the cavern the soft glow beckoned to him. As it did each night.

He had sought out the cavern, and the treasure hidden inside it's far reaching chasm, long ago and its pull on him had never diminished. In fact it had an iron grip on his heart; his very soul.

Each night he would come to the cave, laying amidst the tangled & gnarled forest, and sit in the dark in his ragged clothes to stare at its beauty. The milky surface of his precious treasure reflecting the faint moonlight that crept in to the cave's jagged opening.

The light of which glowed in his once green eyes, now a milky gray to match that of his treasure.

Everyday when the sun's rays warmed the world, he would stumble to the little village that lay on the edge of the great wood, where the townsfolk would treat him like a dirty, barefoot beggar, shunning him as they went about their daily chores hurriedly before the night came again.

He had once been a well kept and handsome man, but in the years since he arrived in the tiny village of thatched roofed houses, seeking the treasure he had heard tell about, his desire to maintain himself diminished as his desire to be near it's warming glow each night grew, until it was all that consumed him.

For the treasure he sought was cursed, and just to look upon its beauty was to be ensnared in its spell.

Once in its grip he was its slave, and each full moon, when the lunar light was reflected in full off its surface, he would be transformed into a wild beast. Part man, part animal he would terrorize the inhabitants of the village, slaughtering their livestock or anyone that was foolish enough to be out after the day's protecting light faded into night.

So it had been for many years, so that none ventured into the forest that was said to hold a treasure beyond measure. Until some foolish adventurer came to seek its glory, only to be cursed to live as its guardian.

He had become the new protector of the cave and its ancient treasure. Neither able to take the massive milky white orb from its cradle in the dark cavern, or leave its grip, until the next came to take his place. Come to try to take the Wolf Pearl.

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