Monday, December 28, 2015

Rational Thinking

You always took me for granted,
You never set me apart. 
Always keeping at arms length,
The feelings inside your heart. 

I know you think that i'm foolish,
That my emotions get the best of me. 
But darling love's not a logical thing,
Let me show you & this time you'll see. 

Leave out your rational thinking,
Please wont you take it away. 
Just come on over, let me love you again,
And this time maybe you'll stay. 

I try so hard to act like you do,
Mask my feelings; hide them deep down inside. 
But I can't keep going on pretending. 
I need what only your love can provide. 

You say I'm always on full steam,
That I need to slow down & just breathe. 
But baby it's never been that easy,
Inside my love for you does roil & seethe. 


Baby, this time just stay. 

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