Monday, November 1, 2010

Dark Reflection

His dark reflection in the window changed. He could see the features of his face move from shadow to light as the train moved through the tunnels.

At one moment it was the bright, friendly, familiar visage he saw day in, day out. But the next, it was distorted and strange; a frightening doppelganger of himself, staring back from the other side of the glass.

And as the reflection stared, an evil smile spread across its face; a grin that sent a chill down his spine.

For as the smile broadened and darkened, he recognized whom he was facing. It was the dark part of himself that he hid away. Every secret, lie, or malicious thought that he had buried deep within was staring back at him; staring with burning, black eyes. Terror filled him and he began to scream.

As his screams filled the subway car and I turned up the music in my headphones, I thought with a sigh; I knew I shouldn't have sat down next to this guy.

Oh well, only two more stops to go.

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