Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sand Storm

In the deep desert, the sands whipped, cutting through the air likes sharpened knives.

So thick was the sand cloud that it blotted out the sky, leaving no trace of horizon to the west. But in the center of the swirling mass of sands, a darker figure appeared.

Moving through with ease, the figure came closer to the edge of the storm. Cloaked, the figure came to the boarder of the storm and stood, as if no winds whip at all, just inside the curtain of sand; which ceased moving as the figure stopped.

From under their darkly veiled hood, staring of the storm as it raged about, the figure remained un-phased by its cutting sands.

Purposely, the figure moved out from the sands' curtain, into the clear air before it.

After watching and waiting for a time, the figure then raised their arms up and the storm sands grew into the sky even higher. Then with a quick motion, the figure dropped their arms down, and the sandstorm died out in unison.

From the dispersing sands, surrounding the cloaked figure by the thousands, emerged an great army. All clad in sandy coloured cloth, tightly wrapped around their bodies, the legions all swayed in the deadly silence of the brightly lit morning.

Their leader, still staring into the distance, pulled back the hood that hid them from sight. The bright blue hue of the man's eyes matched the azure of the sky. They pierced through the distance as he stared eastward.

A leather cloth still masked his mouth and nose from the arid desert air, but his eyes chowed the snarl upon his hidden lips.

Hatred seethed within the bright blue of his gaze, firmly set on the shimmering city that lay on the far horizon.

Silver towers reaching up to the sky, crowded by smaller buildings, all silver as well, stood out in the desert landscape like a shinning crown.

And the leader of the massive desert horde glared at it with all the furies of the sands, blowing within his eyes.

With a sudden flourish of his cloaked arms, he lifted them high above his darkly-haired head. The calm sands swirled up around the soldiers and they all disappeared within the storm once more.

As the curtain of sands grew to block out the western sky again, their leader pulled the dark hood back on; shrouding the bright blue of his eyes in shadow.

And when he was ready, the storm moved upon him, swallowed him whole, and covered everything in darkness.

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