Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Phoenix Princess

Once, when the world was young and new, a powerful wizard fell in love with a beautiful princess. He wooed her with gifts of jewels, priceless treasures, and promises of great power over the peoples of the land. But she did not return his love, for she could see that he was corrupt with evil in his heart.

Even when the wizard threatened to use his magic to cast the world into darkness forever, she would not relinquish her love to him.

Enraged, the wizard called upon his powers to plunge the world into an eternal blackness.

The princess then begged and pleaded with the wizard to take it back, she promised to be his bride, if only he would bring the light back. But the effort that it took him to shroud the world in its black veil, had been too great, and the wizard died with a twisted smile upon his lips.

Overwrought with guilt, the princess ran to the highest mountain top, and leapt into the eternal night sky.

As she ascended, her heart burst; burst into a fiery phoenix, soaring on high, illuminating the darkness.

The phoenix stayed aloft for as long as it could, bringing light back to the world for an entire day. And when it could no longer burn bright enough, it dived down into the horizon to rest; slumbering with a warm, pale glow that softened the pitch of dark.

Once it had rest, the phoenix arose, once more ablaze with light for the dawn.

Thus it was, that the world had been immersed into darkness by anger and greed, and saved from its dark fate each morning by the broken heart of the Phoenix Princess.

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